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Introduction: Lego L115

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Here is the lego L115 from call of duty ghosts! The British Accuracy International L115A3 is a sniper originally meant for arctic warfare, explaining the grooves in the bolt, which real the ice if the bolt ever freezes up. There will be a tutorial for this, just not the scope. I went outside at 10 degree weather with no gloves to make this instructable. Show some love!

Step 1: Reload

The sniper is reloadable with a working bolt.

Step 2: First Person

First person view.

Step 3: Scope

The scopes is able to be used. On top of the scope is the ballistic CPU, which is just an aesthetic in the campaign, but it can be somewhat useful in multiplayer, because it counts the kills you earned with the weapon. It also says the round it's chambered in, the .338 Lapua magnum round.

Step 4: Stock and Cheek Rest.

I used black bricks for the "rubber" stock and cheek rest.

Step 5: Rod

There is a rod on the end of the gun which allows you to put a bipod on the gun.



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    When will the tutorial be out?

    Uhh, I don't really know how to say this, but I was carrying my sniper out of my living room, and it snapped in two. I recovered most of the peices, but not enough to make a tutorial.

    My phone wouldn't register my tap with gloves on.

    Since the sniper is an arctic sniper, I made it with a sort of theme.

    1 reply

    Oh ok but why without gloves?

    Why outside at 10 degree weather?!

    Fasc, I will be making one for this gun, just not the scope

    Instead of making the grach tutorial, I will make a desert eagle tutorial.

    Are you gonna make a tutorial? It's really cool you are awesome at lego weapons

    Looks really cool man!!!!!