Lego Low-loader





Introduction: Lego Low-loader

Hi, I made a lego low-loader for my son and to tell the truth I loved it more than him! So I thought I would take it all apart and show you guys (and girls) how to make it. Hope you like it ;-)

Step 1: Swan Neck

The swan neck is removable, here is all the bits you will need and a couple of pic on the build.

Step 2: Main Body

here is all the bits you will need and a couple of pic on the build.

Step 3: Time to Put the Swan Neck On

It just slides in the gap in the middle and two pins hold it in place.

Step 4: Out Rigers

I made out rigers so my (i mean my sons) dumper truck fits on it.

Step 5: How It Connects

The two uprights just slide in the two slots on the neck and a pin slides though a hold on the side and through the uprights.

Step 6: Play Time!

All finished and now its time to have fun! I have put a pic of all my trucks and trailers i have my from scratch, if you would like to see how to make any of the rest just let me know. Thanks all regards Jimbob the silly trucker ;-)



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I wanted to make it easy for my son to do and as close to the real thing as I could

I like how the rig can slide it and it locks with a pin, just like the real thing!

That's brill !!!