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Lego Magnum rubberband gun
This is my very first instructable, so if I make a mistake, please give me advice! It took about a week to put all these MLCAD steps together. Please email me if you would like to know what programs I used to make these instructions.
NOTE: it took me probably a half an hour to upload all these steps because the instructables browser to upload images only lets you upload 1 pic at a time!!!

Technically it's more of a sniper gun than a pistol...I guess you could call it a sniper-pistol. The sights are pretty accurate, but not 100% of the time. I've also added a few additions to it like a laser pointer, and a tri-pod. It's a very, very simple trigger mechanism that I figured out one night when I was moderately bored. I have only gotten it to hold about at max 2-3 rubberbands on it. (I know, It jams if I put any more on.)

I have pics and a video of my gun on.

Step 1: Building the Magnum

Picture of Building the Magnum

These are the steps and the bill of materials for the Lego gun. Make sure you have everything for it!
There's a toooooon of steps, 113 steps to be exact. Some of the pictures are a bit blurry. Please be patient while building this!

Step 2: Building the Magnum (cont.)

Picture of Building the Magnum (cont.)

Step 3: Building the Magnum (cont.2)

Picture of Building the Magnum (cont.2)

Step 4: Building the Magnum (cont. 3)!

Picture of Building the Magnum (cont. 3)!

Step 5: The Final Product!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:) (almost)

Picture of The Final Product!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:) (almost)

Once you have the gun done, the next step will show you how to put the rubberbands for the trigger on. I'll also show you how to load, aim, and shoot.

Step 6: Adding the Rubberbands on the Trigger and Loading, Aiming, and Shooting

Picture of Adding the Rubberbands on the Trigger and Loading, Aiming, and Shooting

1st pic: first, take off one of the bent beams on the trigger

2nd pic: put the rubberbands to the axle on the elbow of the bent beam

3rd pic: put the other bent beam back on, and stretch the rubberbands onto the black ball-tipped pegs

4th pic (to load): put a rubberband onto one of the gear teeth on the gear

5th pic: stretch the rubberband over the top piece of that one brick that has 2 teeth-like things sticking out of them

6th pic: line up the sights under your target and......SHOOT!

Step 7: Making the Laser Pointer Holder

Picture of Making the Laser Pointer Holder

1st step: replace one of the plates on the bottom of the barrel with 2 2x4 plates or 1 4x4 plate
2nd step: place the laser pointer on top of the plates or plate that were added to the barrel
3rd step: secure the laser pointer down with tape
4th step: put 2 1x4 bricks on each side of the laser pointer (and you may want to put clay around it to secure it even more like I do)
final step: connect the 2 1x4 bricks by placing a 1x4 plate across them

Step 8: Making the Tripod Stand

Picture of Making the Tripod Stand


KimH209 (author)2016-11-22

Do you have an xml list for the parts?

22181 (author)2015-06-27


fasc23 (author)2013-10-03

Coooooool :)

megustatrains (author)2013-07-30

Very cool :D favorited so i can build it later

BUILT IT :D it works like a charm

pickle5 (author)2011-07-15

suuuuuuuper cooool

dansdoc (author)2010-08-22

where can i get a laser pointer?

Brickman (author)dansdoc2010-08-22

Pet stores might have them for cats and dogs, and maybe walmart or a dollar store. I wouldn't know for sure, it took me a while to find one.

dansdoc (author)Brickman2010-12-14

none of them near me

zreakeo (author)dansdoc2010-12-13

walmart,target,at the check out counter at the bottom of the self.

dansdoc (author)zreakeo2010-12-14

none of them near me

zreakeo (author)2010-12-13

i built a famas but it dosent work though sorry i post the picture later alright

mr. cool 384 (author)2009-09-07

look at mine same mechanism but much more comfy also i think mine has a little more realistic trigger guard XD

zreakeo (author)mr. cool 3842010-12-13

cool gun that is the best one that i have seen can you send a set of the instructions for the pistol step by step and pieces and does it work names zreakeo lets be friends alright and mabey a ak-47 red.

also the fiber optic sights

Brickman (author)mr. cool 3842009-09-07

That looks sweet! Great job!

mr. cool 384 (author)Brickman2009-09-08

thanks the handle is super comfy and the fiberoptic sights pwn i think mine is a little bit longer than the original so it shoots a bit farther also i dug out the back so it can hold 4 rubber bands!!!!!!!!!!!! XD

dansdoc (author)2010-08-22

where ca i get a laser pointer?

machomario1 (author)2009-03-21

thats alot of instructions but awsome!pretty good accuracy and looks awsome!

Brickman (author)machomario12009-03-24

Thanks, it took a long time for me to even post all those instructions. But, yea thanks for your comment!

optimist123 (author)Brickman2010-07-30

somebody's really gotta make a lego revolver

callumkhang (author)2010-07-25


horrorboi (author)2010-02-07

Took me ages to make but the outcome was well worth it, awesome instructable.

ericnguyen (author)2010-01-18

there isnt a 4x5x1 piece in lego

deniz9636 (author)2010-01-18

nice! my brother always bothers me and takes my stuf i will be sure to shoot him.

ericnguyen (author)2010-01-17

can you make the pics bigger. and also can you show diferent views of the gun  during construction cause its hard figuring where the pieces go.

Joanassie (author)2010-01-12

Wonderful. Just wonderful. I think I'll build it some time soon.

nitrolego (author)2010-01-02

this is just fine now since i built this i can get revenge on my stupid brother

salisbury (author)2009-09-09

This Gun is really great but I thought that you said you made a tripode for this gun do you have instructions for it. And also do you build with legos often I do I have 15 10 gal bins level full of legos so could yuo possible reply today please

Brickman (author)salisbury2009-09-09

I did have a tripod for it but I took it apart for more pieces. I can probably build it again and make instructions for it in a few days, and that's a crap load of legos you got there! I wish I had that much, though I have a decent amount. But ya, I'll probably make instructions for it soon.

LegoGunsCompany (author)2009-07-20

Good gun. Maybe you would like your gun to be at

Brickman (author)LegoGunsCompany2009-07-23

Thanks. I was thinking about it but I didn't know how I'd get it there or post it there.

LegoGunsCompany (author)Brickman2009-07-25

I can send an LDD File so people can download it from

Brickman (author)LegoGunsCompany2009-07-26

Well, I thought of using LDD before but the problem was it kept crashing because it can't handle big projects like that. That's the whole reason I used MLCAD because it can handle projects with 500 or so pieces. But if you know how I can do it, please tell me.

LegoGunsCompany (author)Brickman2009-08-29

Send to me the MCLAD file I will do the gun in LDD and I will send it to you my email>I WILL SEND IT TO YOU LATTER<

OK>>>This is not my email but a friend gave me his email <<< IT IS :

Brickman (author)LegoGunsCompany2009-08-30

ya, i'm gonna need to find that file first. I haven't seen it in a while. But thanks, i'll send it to you later.

LegoGunsCompany (author)Brickman2009-07-30

dont woory if you did it in MCLAD or other thing doest matter . But if you did it in MCLAD could you send me the MCLAD file...

Instructoguy12125 (author)2009-03-30

takes forever to build but thats what lego builders like is unique models that challenge them. not to mention the end results of this thing are frickin awsome! "note to self, do not shoot self point blank with this thing. IT HURTS!!!"

Thanks alot for the comment! Yea thats what I have to go through as a Lego builder and I, for some reason, had an obsession with rubberband guns. So I tried, and tried to make a firing mechanism for one. So one day it just popped into my head! But yea, I've shot my dad with it point blank and well......let's just say he wasn't too happy afterwards.

lol im suprised you werent grounded

ballistics expert (author)2009-07-03


Surprisingly, it is very, very sturdy, though the trigger mechanism can only hold up to 3 rubber bands. I'm still trying to figure out a trigger mechanism that can hold more rubber bands. It's not an easy process.

Shredder543 (author)2009-06-05

ugh.... I'm still on step two after a day.... If I had all of the pieces readily available... I'd probably have about 4 of these done! I just have trouble finding all of the pieces that I need.

leonknex (author)2009-04-24

awsome gun dude!

sauc88 (author)2009-04-23

hey this is the best!!!!!!!!

Silverton (author)2009-04-15

hey AWSOME lego rubber band. do you think you could just sind me the MLcad file? because the pics will not load for me for some reson.

cofiddle (author)2009-04-02

aww man!!!!on step one pic 19 i dont have dat piece dang dang dang dang dang!!!!!i want it any subsitutes?

Brickman (author)cofiddle2009-04-03

Well, i dont know what other piece looks like could maybe use 3 1x1 black bricks for one, or if that doesnt work use 1 1x1 and 2 1x2 black bricks. Thats all I can think of for the moment.

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