Step 5: The final product!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:) (almost)

Picture of The final product!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:) (almost)
rubberband gun_0_100_parts.png
rubberband gun_0_101.png
rubberband gun_0_101_parts.png
rubberband gun_0_102.png
rubberband gun_0_102_parts.png
rubberband gun_0_103.png
rubberband gun_0_103_parts.png
rubberband gun_0_104.png
rubberband gun_0_104_parts.png
rubberband gun_0_105.png
rubberband gun_0_105_parts.png
rubberband gun_0_106.png
rubberband gun_0_106_parts.png
rubberband gun_0_107.png
rubberband gun_0_107_parts.png
rubberband gun_0_108.png
rubberband gun_0_108_parts.png
rubberband gun_0_109.png
rubberband gun_0_109_parts.png
rubberband gun_0_110.png
rubberband gun_0_110_parts.png
rubberband gun_0_111.png
rubberband gun_0_111_parts.png
rubberband gun_0_112.png
rubberband gun_0_112_parts.png
rubberband gun_0_113.png
rubberband gun_0_113_parts.png
rubberband gun_c.png
Once you have the gun done, the next step will show you how to put the rubberbands for the trigger on. I'll also show you how to load, aim, and shoot.
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