As many costume party's come up i always think of something original and the lego man is one i had not seen before so i set you to do it. It was fairly tricky to work out an idea as it has some complex curves in it. 

Step 1: Cutting Base

The first step is to cut out some rings from cardboard. As can be seen in the photo there is a ring on the inside. Simply cut the outside diameter to the size of the head you would like. The inside of the ring needs to be big enough for your head to fit in. 

Now cut another circle with the same outside diameter no hole in the middle needed this time. These two act as the top and bottom frame supports. Now use a thin cardboard, more of a strong paper and roll it around the two rings. This is the white cardboard as shown in the photo. I used a hot glue gun to stick it as i rolled it, it is strong and sets quickly. 

I think this LEGO costume is good. But I wish that this costume has pants. You did a good job. Please put your other creations on this site. Thank you very much. Actually my son loves your design.
Great ible! So much cheaper, easier and less messy than other options out there. My friends and I made some for a school dress up and were certainly the hit of the day. Thanks for the inspiration!
i like the mustash
GiantFig! This is awesome. And a great platform for all of the other Lego figures out there. Thanks for sharing!
Awesome! Wow, this is sweet.

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