Picture of Lego Man Costume for kids
I saw another lego man costume instructable (http://www.instructables.com/id/The-Justice-Lego-League-of-America-saving-the-worl/ ) and I just HAD to make it for my kids. I found an AMAZING site with lots of DC heroes: http://www.flickr.com/photos/levork/4966756896/in/set-72157603262151483/lightbox/ but my kids wanted the three they saw on the video, so who am I to argue with 'em.

BTW, this is my first instructable, so my apologies if it sucks.

The first thing I did was try to compare the three sizes of kids I have with a lego guy!

I put three chalk lines on a wall, separated by 1 foot each line. I put the boys front of the wall, one by one, and took the picture. Then I photoshopped them together and, using another Lego Guy picture, then compared them to the Lego Guy proportions. I used the wall lines to figure out the measurements of the final costume too.

Step 1:

Picture of

now.. I used the same structures suggested by the other instructable for the head. And yup, they are mega cheap. They are called Cylinder Building Forms, and I REALLY made a big mistake by not buying the smaller diameter tube :( You can see by the picture that I bought the size 12 one, but I think they had a size 10 one.

I then used a Huggies diaper box, because it was the PERFECT size!!! I made it thinking I'd use it as a template later. It was an awesome idea because it made my life soooo much simpler later!

I then bought three LARGE boxes from Home Depot and cut them into identical bodies. Easy Peasy.
mlovelady1 year ago
How did you get your "Lego" box to be flaired at the bottom?? Mine looks like it goes straight down ?!!
czswanberg1 year ago
Where can I buy the cylinder building forms? TIA
on_rz1 year ago
that is so cool!
caraslifka3 years ago
these are so stinkin' cute and well put together. you remind me of myself with the whole "oh, i don't think i'll do the lego hands, it's too much trouble" bit, and then making them anyway. turned out so good, bravo! :)
cenzi (author)  caraslifka3 years ago
haha! yeah!! well I really wanted my eldest son to at least go to school with the right lego costume! cant go half assed!
Katiejoey3 years ago
There awesome u must love them
cenzi (author)  Katiejoey3 years ago
the costumes or the kids? haha.
colgui3 years ago
Felicitaciones!! me encanta.
bodeddie3 years ago
A tip for painting-always put on at least one coat of PRIMER FIRST!(Two is even better) It may seem a little overkill at first, but trust someone that has painted a lot of cardboard, you will appreciate me latter for it. A coat or two of primer first, then it takes ALOT less paint to look good.
I agree... I don't know what it is about primer... but it makes paint stick better and the colors more even. I did a project that took 3 cans of spray paint... the next time I used primer... then ONE can of spray paint. (And... the primer was cheaper too.)

My $0.02

cenzi (author)  askjerry3 years ago
This is SUCH an important tip that cheap-skates like me NEED to respect and understand!! lol!!! I have to admit though, that although the primer would have saved me from buying another red can, the rust-paint spray can was awesome and needed no primer. So to be clear, and cheap, if there is a "rust-paint" spray, go for it. If not, get primer and then another spray can.
cenzi (author)  bodeddie3 years ago
is there primer in a spray can?
askjerry cenzi3 years ago
You can get primer in a spray can or as a brush on depending on your needs. They also make latex and enamel versions. Just remember that if you use latex primer you have to use latex paint... or the enamel will react with the latex. (Bubbles, bumps, tears, etc.)


Always paint latex over enamel, never enamel over latex.

And obviously... latex over latex. :-)
komoto133 years ago
I used this one to make my Lego Costume as Scale as I could, made a 6' 10" Lego costme.
sutek3 years ago
Fantastic, your boys must love them!!
jabronie253 years ago
Great job! How long did it take you to complete it?
cenzi (author)  jabronie253 years ago
btw, thanks man!!! your tutorial made it easy to start mine...!!
cenzi (author)  jabronie253 years ago
well I went slowly, so I can't know for sure. And just yesterday I was working on making the arm-holes better and more flexible.
llambeth3 years ago
we are using the yellow dishwashing gloves for the hands just a thought we used same paint and it sucked had to start over grr
scoochmaroo3 years ago
Awesome! I'm totally jealous. You might get even more clicks by swapping the first image for the last!
Agreed, agreed.....and agreed!
cenzi (author)  NostalgicStone3 years ago
done! and I was jealous too, this is why I did it!!!!
tbone1213 years ago
carlos66ba3 years ago
Very nice!
mrmath3 years ago
Awesome job! You should come back and update it with some pictures of the kids in the costumes!
Kiteman mrmath3 years ago