A lego mario I made with just 69 pieces. You need red, blue, and yellow
<p>that looks so cool!!!!!!!!!! I made a toy chica scupture</p>
See Heres MIne-
<p>love it but instructions would help</p>
<p>assome</p><p>lol pun</p>
<p>This is awesome, one of my friends did this :)</p>
It's cool!
This is mine. I made it last year (2010)
Thank you for posting this. I built mine 8 months ago and it took exactly 69 peices and 12 minutes and 48 seconds to make. You are awsome :-)
Mine took 90 peices
Hey man this is nice i wish i could build like this, the colors look good together!<br />
&nbsp;dude, sweetness.
kewl<br />
the design is very nice. it is awesome
this is awsome
cool! well done 5/5
this is cool i need 1
imade a lego mario and luigi, all i did is change blue to black, and red to green
really good instructible.
Haha I made one EXACTLY like this down to the mustache a long time ago! Good instructable!
very cool. i made one for myself. came out good keep it up. thanks
Yoshi, Yoshi, Yoshi....YOSHI ...please
Go ahead man 8-bit lego is awesome!
:D i made 1 of those from a youtube video. broke his head off and lost his nose >.<
Lol, this is cool.
I LOVE it... Please make more 8-bit lego characters!
i wanna eat a candy mario
i remember when i saw this on youtube. you should add some more pics of him.

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