"It may not be the prettiest-heck, even I look better-but looks can be deceiving. There are but 2 things I am sure of-DIY laser eye surgery never works, and my Juggernaut never fails."
-Daniel Smith, mech pilot

Step 1: Legs

Step 2: Cockpit

To remove microfig, pull up on chin and shimmy out.

Step 3: Arms

Step 4: Assemble

I love your micro creations. Please could you do more?
<p>You think you can maybe do a small transformer out of mostly common pieces that everybody gets in their lego sets? I think that would be a great instructable for people who don't have very many Legos, like me. Keep up the good work though.</p>
You wouldn't beleive all the hw I had, sry for not posting
<p>Pretty sweet!</p>

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