This is just a grabber arm I made with my nxt 2.0 kit .It only took me a couple hours to build.Remember that this isnt finished.Dont underestimate me, its my first robot I EVER made . This was made completely and originally by me though the grabber might look like it was copied from Mr. Dice Guy which is posted on the NXTlog at Mindstorms.com. I realized that instructables doesnt have a lot of instructables for NXT 2.0 and I am here to chage that.
Nice job, A cool project is the Snatcher by Laurens Valk, you should try making it some time.
Looks like a very nice mech!
p_b_r3 years ago
VERY nice!

I learned a few interesting techniques from your designs. Thanks!
mikeasaurus3 years ago
Looks good, looking forward to your next NXT creation. (will it be an add on for this claw, or something new?)