Here are three short clips of my new octopod robot (Lego Mindstorms NXT)...
does anyone know a way to use one of the lego servo motors without the nxt brick
pretty cool *4
sounds like early sum 41. what band is it?
i think it's one of the default songs in iMovie...i don't remember, it was filmed a looooooooooong time ago :P
thats cool
cool i have one too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
this is pretty cool. i am going to try to buy a set now!!!
(im just leaving a comment like you said) It is pretty cool but i dont have enough gears
the nxt kit is low on gears. only one big (40 tooth)one and eight 24 tooth ones
is there something it does?(not walking or take some and let it fall)
that thing looks good
awesome the mindstorm nxt kit is like $240 so i will never buy one 1st comment
Depending where you live and what time of year(Christmas+ boxing day sales) the price can be as low as 150$.
ya, i might buy it just so i can sell it on eBay
wazzzzzzzup?!?!?! (what? you said leave a comment)

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