Introduction: Lego Mindstorms NXT Octopod Video

Here are three short clips of my new octopod robot (Lego Mindstorms NXT)...


monty324 (author)2012-03-10

does anyone know a way to use one of the lego servo motors without the nxt brick

(YOUR N (author)2010-11-21

pretty cool *4

Szajba (author)2010-10-08

sounds like early sum 41. what band is it?

roksraka (author)Szajba2010-10-14

i think it's one of the default songs in iMovie...i don't remember, it was filmed a looooooooooong time ago :P

paperairplanecreator (author)2010-08-22

thats cool

caco caco (author)2009-05-21

cool i have one too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GANSTAMAN4 (author)2009-04-25

this is pretty cool. i am going to try to buy a set now!!!

razhang (author)2008-11-28

(im just leaving a comment like you said) It is pretty cool but i dont have enough gears

jedi pen-gui-n (author)razhang2008-12-19

the nxt kit is low on gears. only one big (40 tooth)one and eight 24 tooth ones

erikos kostarikos (author)2008-10-25

is there something it does?(not walking or take some and let it fall)

knex rbg freak (author)2008-08-23

that thing looks good

Sandisk1duo (author)2008-06-27

awesome the mindstorm nxt kit is like $240 so i will never buy one 1st comment

Notbob (author)Sandisk1duo2008-08-12

Depending where you live and what time of year(Christmas+ boxing day sales) the price can be as low as 150$.

Sandisk1duo (author)Notbob2008-08-12

ya, i might buy it just so i can sell it on eBay

conrad2468 (author)2008-07-11

wazzzzzzzup?!?!?! (what? you said leave a comment)

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