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This will show you how to make a Lego model of the pickaxe from the video game Minecraft.

Because its 8-bit style every 2x2 square equals 1 pixel, so its accurate with the real thing.  Its about 3-4th actual size so you can still use it, just not as an actual pickaxe.

The steps are in the photos i've highlighted the pieces you need to add.

Step 1: Parts Needed

Picture of Parts Needed
Here is a list of parts needed to build this. (see photo)

The first photo in each step with building is what pieces you'll need for that step.

so cool! unfortunately, i don't have enough pieces. :(

iproberry13 years ago
You should get the game...it has SOOOOOOOOOOOOO many thing in it (fishing,cocking,building,fighting mobs,getting food,making portals,finding ore's,crafting,sleeping,finding rare things like strongholds,mineshafts,dungeons,enderman,creepers,TNT,a bunch of blocks,traps,mining,ECT,ECT)

monsterlego (author)  iproberry13 years ago
Haha, yeah i want to get that and Terraria. (and you forgot watermelon)

hahah, this lego creation is so cool! shame i dont have that many bricks

Terreria isn't that good... 2d minecraft?
monsterlego (author)  iproberry12 years ago
Sort of.
and pumpkin and cockies,and pork and beef and chicken...
and piggies
and cows,and sheep and chickens and monsters and squid and fish...
and The End!!! with the Ender Dragon
totally...try beating him on hardcore!!!
HA HA HAH HAAHHA! you said cocking! i loled so bad.
and riding pigs :3
i cant find any saddles. were do you get them
You can find saddles in dungeons. A word of caution, once the saddle is on a pig, you cannot get it back.
yup, but it's $27.95 USD

I made this, I had to improvise a little because i did not have all of the pieces. : )

I totally got to try this out.
Aaron ZX1 year ago
nichlas2 years ago
you do know that you dont need to post this message for the green button to load?
vegbar3 years ago
what about zombies wolfs endermen...ect?
0spore1 vegbar2 years ago
And withers!
Thats... Awesome!
what about ghasts, zombie pigmen, slimes, fire slimes, silverfish, and blaze?
BLUEBLOBS23 years ago
Minecraft... You gotta love it!
iproberry13 years ago

what gave you the idea?
monsterlego (author)  iproberry13 years ago
Thanks! I saw the pickaxe and i was like "this would be boss with lego" so i did.
yes i did it before too...just didn't post it because I didn't have the correct colors!
like a bawss
monsterlego (author)  modaawesome3 years ago
Yep, many bothans died to make this instructable.