Lego Minecraft Pickaxe





Introduction: Lego Minecraft Pickaxe

This will show you how to make a Lego model of the pickaxe from the video game Minecraft.

Because its 8-bit style every 2x2 square equals 1 pixel, so its accurate with the real thing.  Its about 3-4th actual size so you can still use it, just not as an actual pickaxe.

The steps are in the photos i've highlighted the pieces you need to add.

Step 1: Parts Needed

Here is a list of parts needed to build this. (see photo)

The first photo in each step with building is what pieces you'll need for that step.

Step 2: Handel Base

First make the first layer of the base.

Make "steps" with the 2x6 plates, placing each one 2 studs away at the top. (see photos)

Step 3: Finish the Handle.

Now add the second and third layer to finish the handle.

Its the same sort of technique as the first layer but you're crossing over the first layer in the opposite direction to lock  it together. (see photos.)

Step 4: Make the Head

Now make the pickaxe head.  You'll build 4 different parts that will fit together in the end. (step___)

Step 5: Head, Part One

Part one of the head.

(see photos)

Step 6: Head, Part Two

Part two of the head.

(see photos)

Step 7: Head, Part Three

Part three of the head.

(see photos)

Step 8: Head, Part Four

Fourth part of the head.

(see photos)

Step 9: Putting It Together

Now to put all the pickaxe parts together.

(see photos)

Step 10: Done!

Now you're done!

Have fun smashing blocks!



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