Lego Minecraft TNT





Introduction: Lego Minecraft TNT

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Hi again! well I said I would make more Lego Minecraft stuff so here is my second project, how to make Lego TNT. 

Step 1: Gathering Bricks

You will need the following 
4x lego 2x4 red
2x lego 2x4 white (you can sub with 2x2s and 2x1s)

Step 2:

take two of the red 2x4s and place them next to each other 

Step 3:

take two white 2x4s and stack them on the red ones 

Step 4:

Take the last two red 2x4s and stack them on top

Step 5:

Your all done



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    If I had more time I would print out TNT labels and glue them on.