This is a little instructable me and my friend wanted, we both have lots of Star Wars lego figures and it seemed a shame to have then just sat doing nothing, we wanted to display them,

I seen a display case on the internet but it was pricey, so, I made two, one for him and one for me

Here goes:-

Step 1: Parts

Not to much to this build, a few off cuts off 9mm ply and a picture frame, some old Legos and paint, I wanted to display about 50 figures so I sourced a medium sized black frame from a local shop, pulled it apart and set to work,

• black spray paint
• 9mm ply ( about 20mm by 50 mm cut into 2.5cm strips, then cut to fit inside the frame you have, mine was 39.5 cm )
• picture frame ( from wilkinsons for £4 each )
• some tacks
• tape ( masking tape )
• simple tools ( hammer, hand saw/band saw, tape measure )
• a few odds and sods I've probably missed

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