Picture of Lego Mini Figures Display
This is a little instructable me and my friend wanted, we both have lots of Star Wars lego figures and it seemed a shame to have then just sat doing nothing, we wanted to display them,

I seen a display case on the internet but it was pricey, so, I made two, one for him and one for me

Here goes:-
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Step 1: Parts

Picture of Parts
2014 03:29 pm.jpg
2014 03:29 pm.jpg
Not to much to this build, a few off cuts off 9mm ply and a picture frame, some old Legos and paint, I wanted to display about 50 figures so I sourced a medium sized black frame from a local shop, pulled it apart and set to work,

• black spray paint
• 9mm ply ( about 20mm by 50 mm cut into 2.5cm strips, then cut to fit inside the frame you have, mine was 39.5 cm )
• picture frame ( from wilkinsons for £4 each )
• some tacks
• tape ( masking tape )
• simple tools ( hammer, hand saw/band saw, tape measure )
• a few odds and sods I've probably missed

Step 2: Cuts,

Picture of Cuts,
2014 03:29 pm.jpg
The frame was about 3cm deep, and I wanted the figures to sit pretty close to the front, so the first thing was to cut up the ply into strips, so they would sit in the frame and leave room for the back to go on

Strips cut - 2.5cm by 39.5cm ( inside frame measurement, your will depend on your frame size)

Step 3: Corners

Picture of Corners
For the strips to sit flush with the frame, you need to notch the fronts of the strips, measure the front lip on the frame and take that away from the corners of the strip of ply