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Introduction: Lego MiniFig Giant

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This ones quick and simple... Although I did not take photos for ever step to make the giant Lego mini figure, I included patterns to make your own! It was fun to make and Lego MiniFigs are even more cool giant sized! Plus they're poseable!

Step 1: A Little Inspiration...

This little guy sitting at my computer provided the inspiration for his larger counterpart. As cool as he looks I decided to go with the more traditional old school Lego MiniFigure look.

Step 2: Drawing Up the Patterns

For the first step I drew up some patterns on the computer using a Vector based program... Utilizing an actual MiniFig for inspiration I drew up the pieces in scale with each other. Once i was happy with them it was time to move on to the next step... Building!!

Step 3: Building the Head

For this first step of building your giant MiniFigure take the head pattern, trace it and cut it out from your corrugated cardboard. I blew up each piece for the body to the size that I wanted him to be (36" tall when completed) and printed each piece out on paper, then traced each pattern onto the cardboard and cut out each body piece with an Xacto knife. Be careful! After I had traced the head pieces and cut them out of the cardboard (make sure the flutes of the cardboard are running up and down so it is easier to bend into the circular shape for the head) I took the main head piece (with the eyes on it) slowly rolled it into the circle I needed for the head and joined the ends together. I then scored along the bottom and top pieces and folded them inward joining them together to make the tapered parts for the top of the head and neck. Once that was complete I traced and cut out the small strip and circle for the crown of the head. The strip was bent into shape and joined and affixed at the ends. Then the circle was glued to the top of the ring. Lastly once the head was built and I was happy with it I covered it in yellow vinyl with some black vinyl for the eyes and mouth. Viola!! A giant Lego head!

Step 4: Building the Body

I used black foam board for the chest area of the body since it doesn't have any curves... I traced my pattern onto the board, cut it out, then scored the edges, folded the chest piece into shape and joined and affixed the edges. I then covered the chest in red vinyl on all sides. The legs and crotch area were also built using the foam board in the same manner as the chest. Except for the rounded parts on the upper portion of the legs which were scored do that they could be folded into the desired curve. Once the legs were all together they were covered in blue vinyl on all sides. The head was then affixed into place on top the shoulders / chest and then the chest piece and legs were affixed together as well.

Step 5: Adding the Logo and an Arm

The logo was very simple...just cut out of vinyl and stuck to the front of the chest / shirt. The arm seen here was built using the pattern (as with each piece), traced onto cardboard this time (because of its cylindrical shape), cut out and curved into shape and affixed into place. The lower end of the arm was capped off with its circular piece and affixed into place and next was to build the shoulder... The shoulder was a pain... I traced its pattern onto the cardboard, cut it out and fiddled with it until I achieved the look I wanted. When I was finally finished with it I joined it to the arm, then covered the whole thing with the red vinyl and secured it at shoulder level to the body.

Step 6: One Arm to Go!

The other arm was completed exactly like the previous one. The only difference is the way it's positioned and secured to the body...slightly raised as to not give him such a static pose.

Step 7: Finally....Give This Guy a Hand! (or Two)

The hands were also traced onto cardboard (because of their curved nature as well) using the patterns. I then cut them out, bent and formed them into shape, covered them in the yellow vinyl and attached them at the wrist on each arm. There you have it... An up scaled longer mini! Hoped you enjoyed this instructable!!! Thanks!



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    This is wicked, I'm going to play with this idea to create one for my classroom. Voted for ya, good luck!

    Can you share the files I would love to make this for my boys

    VE LXI Masterplus

    Do you know the name of the program you used?

    Thanks for the tip but I put together the instructable on my phone...

    If you zip the vector files, you can upload them as if they were images.