Introduction: Lego Minifig Disguise: Car

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My third entry in the minifig series.

Step 1: Transformation

Picture of Transformation

As you can see, this one is very complex and is sometimes stubborn.

Step 2: Assembly

Picture of Assembly

Hope you enjoyed. Please comment on ways I can improve.


WAFFLES99 (author)2015-05-19


Transforminglegodude (author)2013-07-31

Um... you know the answer to that one...

BABLOON1424 (author)2013-07-30

Have you ever made up your own transformer?

Transforminglegodude (author)2013-07-30


megustatrains (author)2013-07-29


Transforminglegodude (author)2013-07-26

Yeah this took a lot more designing than my other two. All in all, I think it came out pretty well. My only complaint to myself is that he has no weapons, unless you count his wheels as grenades. Wow, longest comment ever!

mikeasaurus (author)2013-07-26

Neat idea, I couldn't tell it was a minifig at first glance.

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