Picture of Lego Minifigure Bracelet
I'm seeing a lot of Lego jewelry these days, including quite a bit here on Instructables. I decided to jump on the band wagon and make some, and the first thing I thought of was a bracelet made of minifigures. I looked around but i couldn't find any instructions on how to make one, so I designed one myself.

Step 1: What You Need:

Picture of What You Need:
- Some Lego minifigures
- 2 Lego 1x1 round bricks
- Leather cord, thin enough to fit through a 1/8" hole
- Glue (I used hot glue because I wanted to get mine done fast, but if you aren't impatient like me it would probably be better to use something else.)
- Scissors
- Drill or rotary tool
- 1/8" drill bit
- Leather cord, thin enough to fit through a 1/8" hole
poofrabbit2 years ago
I am OBSESSED with this idea!!! Time to attack my lego men bin! Voted for ya, good luck!
M3G (author)  poofrabbit2 years ago
Thank you!
Gearhart2 years ago
Good luck getting the arms back on
But how did you shrink those poor, yellow men??
Pra_ga2 years ago
Nice idea,
The photo where you have snapped the arms off looks kinda macabre!
HollyMann2 years ago
Wow - pretty crazy cute!
M3G (author)  HollyMann2 years ago
The pictures were good.