Introduction: Lego Minifigure Throne

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This will show you how to make a Lego Minifigure Throne. The reason behind this project is to display a Lego minifigure of your choice.

Note: this is only for one minifigure.

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Step 1: Materials:

Picture of Materials:
What you will need:
  1. 4 by 4 platform x1
  2. 1 by 1 rounded platform x4
  3. 1 by 2 bricks x2
  4. 1 by 2 angle bricks x4
  5. Minifigure seat x1
  6. Minifigure x1
(Look at picture if not understood.)

Great News!
Every part for this project is available in Lego Pick A brick!

Step 2: The Base

Picture of The Base

In this step we will add the 4 by 4 platform, 2 by 1 bricks and the 2 by 1 angle bricks. Take the 4 by 4 platform piece and flip it up-side down. Next add a 2 by 1 brick in the centre bottom of the 4 by 4 platform piece. Then add two 2 by 1 angle brick pieces on the sides as shown. Repeat on centre top side.

Step 3: The Decorations

Picture of The Decorations

In this step we will add the 1 by 1 rounded platform pieces. Flip the 4 by 4 platform piece back over and add a 1 by 1 rounded platform pieces in every corner as shown.

Step 4: The Seat

Picture of The Seat

In this step we will add the minifigure seat. In the centre of the 4 by 4 platform piece put the minifigure seat.

Step 5: Finish

Picture of Finish

This is the last step, here we will add the minifigure. Take the minifigure and put in on the seat!
You have just learned how to build a Lego Minifigure Throne! If you have any questions please P.M. me and I will try and help you.


as9 (author)2013-07-03


canucksgirl (author)2012-07-29

With the convict for a lego figure, you could have made the throne into an electric chair... (sorry, bad humor).

Nice job though. :)

iproberry1 (author)canucksgirl2012-07-31

Yeah, That shall be my next challenge. (LOL.)

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