Introduction: Lego Minigun

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the new arrival...!!!

Step 1: This Is All You Need

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the important parts

Step 2: The Handle

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first, you need to build the handle

Step 3: The Barrels

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this is the barrels of the gun\waepon

Step 4: The Centre

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this is the last of the gun,

Step 5: The Last Step

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the coolest style of the gun...!!!

Step 6: Done

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now you can survive the wildest zombie with this

the parts of Minigun is
1x gray 2x2
1x gray circle brick
1x silver handle
1x gray ammo handle
1x blue triangle
1x silver ammo clip
2x blue bottle
2x gray bottle
4x orange transparent circle


MatuteB made it! (author)2016-01-13


CSI worker (author)2015-11-10

Nice... It should be call mini minigun. Get it? No? Ok...

WAFFLES99 (author)2015-05-12

nice, cool ,awesomeness!

DaveDude12 (author)2013-12-24


Dr MonkeyMan (author)2013-11-23

Reminds me of the Encinerator cannon from halo 4

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