Introduction: Lego Mobile Police HQ

Picture of Lego Mobile Police HQ

This mobile police HQ may look like its hard to build, but it's actually quite simple. I hope you like it!

Step 1: The Frame

Picture of The Frame

Build what you can see in the picture. You don't have to use treads, use can use two wheels; but I used them since they look cool.

Step 2: The Bottom

Picture of The Bottom

Add a bottom to the vehicle using the plates shown to prevent pieces from falling off and to add stability.

Step 3: The Front

Picture of The Front

Using the pieces shown, build a front to the vehicle.

Step 4: The ATV

Picture of The ATV

Every headquarters needs a small vehicle for recon missions, so build this one using the photos.

Step 5: The Back

Picture of The Back

Add doors to the back of the vehicle then using the pieces shown, add a small wall to each side the put 2 1x6 plates over the top. This is where the ATV will go.

Step 6: The Cockpit

Picture of The Cockpit

Put two computers on the sides then put in a chair and steering wheel.

Step 7: The Sides

Picture of The Sides

Put a 1x4 brick and a1x1 brick on the sides as shown.

Step 8: The Guns

Picture of The Guns

Add the pieces show to the sides then put rifles on.

Step 9: You're Finished!

Picture of You're Finished!

I hope you followed the instructions correctly so now you can go through your lego city and catch that criminal that keeps getting away! I hope you like this and please vote for "Toy building blocks contest".


DaveDude12 (author)2014-01-15


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