Lego Motorized Second Gen Chevrolet Camaro

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Introduction: Lego Motorized Second Gen Chevrolet Camaro

Hi all, I made a Lego 1980 Chevy Camaro a while ago, but I wasn't pleased with the results so I decided to build another second generation Camaro. This one has a working, pull back motor from a Lego Racers Vehicle, exhaust tips, a roll cage, and flames. I originally wanted to do a black and green paint job, but I didn't have sufficient parts. Even with the blue color, I ran low towards the end on parts and had to improvise in some spots. If you have a decent collection of Lego you could definitely improve the structural rigidity and appearance of this Camaro. Follow the photos, and feel free to make some modifications as you go. As always, don't hesitate to leave a comment and let me know how the build goes.

Step 1: Hood, Front Bumper, and Dashboard

Step 2: Front Spoiler and Attachment

Step 3: Front Axle and Attachment

Step 4: Doors

Step 5: Tail Lights and Rear-Mounted Motor

Step 6: Rear Fenders and Spoiler

Step 7: Mounting

Step 8: Roof

Step 9: Final Assembly



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