Step 5: More Support...

Flip the car over and add the two 1x6 base plates as well as the 2x6 base plate.
<p>This was perfect for my school project thank you so much.</p>
<p>which size of technic wheel?</p>
<p>which size of technic wheel?</p>
<p>i need HELP what are the AXLES!!!!!!!!!!!</p>
what are the AXLES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have got to step: 8 and i got stuck from the AXLES!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE HELP ME !!!!!!!<br>
Thanks for your design! I won first place in distance and speed with it in my class! I added a longer arm for distance, and bigger wheels in the back too.
<p>no way</p><p> zach</p><p>or whatever your name is</p>
<p>uh how do u make the car go???<br>ive made the car but dont know how to make it actually drive...</p><p>heelllpp????!!??!?!?!</p><p>thenks for da design! @_@ ;]</p>
<p>this thin is straight trash it got me an F on my progress report and my parents were really mad because my lowest grade ever was an A minus (90 percent) and rt @ the person below me</p>
<p>this sucks m8</p>
<p>this sucks so bad eh </p>
<p>this sucks</p>
<p>this sucks</p>
How Long does the string have to be?
<p>Do you need to use fishing line? I really need to know.</p>
HAHAHA Awesome! 5*s!
<p>This is awesome and i love it </p>
<p><em>Can you tell me what's wrong? I have 1x14 hole bricks and the mousetrap is a little too big and it goes a little bit over the place where you wind the string is that ok?</em></p>
<p>i cant wind it up!</p>
<p>that could realy haelp my mouse problem</p>
&nbsp;what kind of wheels did you use, bc all my lego wheels fall off the axis?
The wheels are fairly standard Technic wheels.<br /> <br /> Here's a<a href="http://www.peeron.com/inv/sets/8236-1" rel="nofollow"> link</a> to a set that uses the same kind of wheels and axles. (The website is used for piece inventory.)<br /> <br /> Also, if you don't have the right wheels, you could always pick up a cheap Technic set that has the right ones.<br />
i need fishing rod and knex!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 <br>
um.....do you have to use a fishing rod and i think it is better if there is a video of how to build it.
we have not made this yet, but i guess it looks cool enough to give it a try.
that's a really easy way to make a <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.davidoverholt.com/blog/2009/02/mouse-trap-car.php/#comment-2518">mouse trap car</a>... plus using a lego will help reduce weight... which is good for long distance cars and fast cars....<br/>cool!<br/>
whats with the weird thing ehn you click on mouse trap car
ouuhh this looks sexy

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