Introduction: Lego Nerf Stock Attachment (L.N.S.A) V2

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Hey guys! Remember my old lego nerf stock attachment? This is the V2 of that. It's a lot longer and more comfortable than the old one, as you can see.
But as goes for the building, look at the pics. Last pic is attaching. It has a chance of breaking, but to stop that, glue/tape together.


Kian knight (author)2016-12-09

Can I brake it

tinyhooman (author)Kian knight 2016-12-11

Idc, you can break it all ya want.

Kian knight (author)2016-12-09

This looks stupid

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Bio: I like to make knex guns, swords, and medieval artillery, I sometimes draw, play music, and Mod nerf guns.
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