Hello everyone, in this instructable, I will guide you in building your very own Lego 3DS.

For this instructable, you will need a variety of pieces, but will mostly rely on 1x8 blue plates.
Each photo will show you what you will need to build for each step, and then how to attach each section to the main structure.

For those interested, the main pictures of the 3DS are also on flickr.

This is my entry to the game.life challenge, and it would be highly appreciated if you voted for it. Thank you all, and enjoy the instructable.

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Step 1: Building the Top Screen

This part is simple. If you follow the pictures, you shouldn't get lost.

Step 2: Building the Edges

Very simple.

Step 3: Finishing the Top Half

Half-way finished!

Step 4: Building the Bottom Screen

Just like the top one, very basic, just a little different.

Step 5: Headphone Jack

This will be used later in the build.

Step 6: More Casing

Step 7: Directional Controls

Step 8: Button Controls

Step 9: Finishing Up

Congratulations! After you attach the screens together, you will have successfully created your very own Lego 3DS.

For those interested, the main pictures of the 3DS are also on flickr .

-To find the tiles, try checking the pick-a-brick wall at your local LEGO store.
-If you have finished this instructable, or are still struggling along, don't be afraid to improvise the design.
-If you see areas that can be improved, then I suggest that you try and see what you can do!

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Thank you, and enjoy!
<p>If you want you can close your eyes or look at the ceiling and imagine the little person moving as you press the buttons</p>
<p>That's really cool, could you label the bricks with notes so I could use pick-a-brick to find the pieces? Really cool!</p>
I think that i will just use my 3ds that I already have... :) But seriously this is really good!
<p>yah what he said</p>
I like it. I would make it if i had the parts :(
So cool! gonna make it now. I think in black, depending on what color most of my smooth flat pieces are...i have so many legos though i think ill be fine. I think I'm getting the 3DS in red once i sell my iPod Touch...:) yay. This will do until I get a real one!
Looks like a good way to save me $250!
And the trip to the store. Also the games would be much cheaper.
Can you fold it ??
Yes, it can be folded into a closed position.
could you make3 a lego GBA?<br><br>i would like that! (my first game system was a GBA)
Go to http://consoles.freebiejeebies.co.uk/252342 to earn a free 3DS!
Coolio. But aren't the 3DS's Dpad's blue?
they are all grey coloured: I have one.
really cool!<br>
hay nice job were going to get a 3ds in about a month but we got to sell our old ds's to get it and were waiting for some games to come out.
Very good! If I can't afford my own, this build will almost be just as good!
Cool. It would be awesome if you made a lego DS case.
Now there's an interesting idea... I'll have to try that one when I get the chance.

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