Picture of Lego Nintendo DSi
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This is how to make a Lego Nintendo DSi. I included a parts list to make it a little easier. First assemble the gray inside piece for the lower base.  Then assemble the blue frame around that.  Top that off with long flat 2 x 12 pieces. Now put on the control buttons and whatever 'game' you want.  Now attach the hinges and the upper frame. Done!
Uh not to be would or any thing but the top screen is clearly Mega Blocks. The sworn enemy of LEGO. Let me put it this way, LEGO is made out of abdimine bodantine sterean. (Or ABS for short) ABS does NOT hurt the envirement. What ever horrible plastic Mega Blocks is made out of, DOES hurt the envirement. SO in general this is a half LEGO half Mega Blocks DSI. I hope you don't take this wrong way, but i'm just saying...
redrobot3000 (author)  Waffles01192 years ago
For fun
redrobot3000 (author) 2 years ago
just for fun
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why even would you?
mattie15592 years ago
why even would you?