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Introduction: Lego PSP Dock

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This Instructable is on how to make a cool lego PSP dock for slim and fat PSPs.

Comments are appreciated.

Step 1: Supplies

1. PSP
2. PSP to computer cord
3. PSP power cord
4. 5 2 by 4 lego bricks
5. 2 1 by 8 lego bricks
6. 1 1 by 6 lego brick
7. 1 2 by 6 lego brick
8. 1 8 by 8 lego piece

Step 2: Adding the Legos

A. First, place two 2 by 4 bricks on the 8 by 8 lego piece as in picture 1.

B. Next, add two more 2 by 4 bricks to the 8 by 8 lego piece as in picture 2.

C. Then, put one of your 1 by 8 bricks on top of the back two 2 by 4 bricks as in picture 3.

D. After, place another 1 by 8 brick on top of the other 1 by 8 brick.

Step 3: More Legos

A. Now, you need to place your 2 by 6 brick on the under side of the front two 2 by 4 bricks as in picture 1.

B. Next, flip your dock right side up and put a 2 by 4 brick in between the front two 2 by 4 bricks, but not on top of the 2 by 6 brick as in picture 2.

C. Then, place your 1 by 6 brick on top of all three of the front 2 by 4 bricks as in picture 3.

Step 4: You're Done!

You're Done! You've done it! You've made your very own PSP dock!

Thank you for looking.

Here are some of the main things I use the dock for:
1. Plugging my PSP to my computer
2. Charging my PSP
3. Watching movies



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    Doesn't it makes scratches?
    Good idea!

    nice, I added the umd holder and that together for ultimate dock

    Awesome! great work,Although I modified mine and put 2 2x2 bricks on each corner.Otherwise,Nice!

    i made mine a lego person theater WITH A MONKEY

    aswome u 100% legend nic 1 m8

    well done mate, when i saw this i got my old box of Lego out found the pieces and made it straight away. its good as thanks for sharing

    great thanx. ive done a racing car theme for my friend(he is 10)see pic.

    2 replies

    ther is an instructable coming soon also see the lego UMD holder(do search)

    I don't know how this made it as an Instructable but its pretty sweet!!!

    Cool =D 4 outa 5 starts i dont have a psp >.> bye bye 5th star

    copy n past url

    you all should chek my psp dock - please leave nice comment.

    Actually very easy! Nice job, this will probably be extremely easy. :D

    1 reply

    My PSP resents the "Fat" reference! =]]