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Introduction: Lego Pacific Rim Jaeger

I made a Lego Jaeger based off the new movie Pacific Rim. I combined many details about all the jaegers and put them into one! To start, my jaeger has the chest of gypsy danger with the nuclear reactor in front but I also incorporated the chest missiles from Stryker eureka which can be accessed by flipping up the chest piece and can shoot 10 projectiles by pushing the rod in the back. Next my jaeger has the sweet triple bladed arm weapon of crimson typhoon which can spin 360 degrees! The other arm is a mix of cherno alphas brutal fist and coyote tangos nuclear missile which is clearly marked in the back of the jaeger by the yellow sign. Finally the head is based of coyote tangos even though his is blue and mine is clear. Overall if I were a lego kaijui, I would not want to meet face to face with this jaeger!



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    Sorry thought it just gypsy read it after i posted

    Epic but this bot didnt have the saw blades he had a sword i watched the movie when it came out in theaters the red 3 armed guy had saw blades and i forgot his name

    Haha nice one transforminglegodude!

    Nice build. :D