Lego Pallet Play Table





Introduction: Lego Pallet Play Table

One afternoon at my house, my nephew Tyler and I took a walk and spotted a pallet curbside at a neighbor’s house. We couldn’t just leave it there so we hauled it to my house where Tyler promptly "wanted to help Aunt Stephie make a Lego table."

Step 1: Watch the Video

Step 2: Sand the Pallet

Tyler got excited in this project and painted the pallet before we sanded but we would suggest sanding before painting!

We used a multi tool to get some of the rough spots off.

Step 3: Paint the Pallet

Painting a pallet is always more fun with a 4-year-old!

Step 4: Pick Out Casters

Don't forget hardware to attach to the pallet.

Step 5: Cut a Piece of Wood for the Top

We used MDF to lay over the pallet. It was already painted from a previous project.

We cut the extra off with a circular saw.

The wood top was heavy enough we didn't feel it was necessary to attach it to the pallet.

Step 6: Attach Casters

We added a block of wood to screw the caster into for extra support.

Step 7: Add Lego Base Plates

Enjoy your Lego Pallet!

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    Clever re-use of a pallet and an entertaining project for a four year old, plus it makes a great place to play LEGO, close to the floor but keeping the Lego off the floor.