Introduction: Lego Park

Picture of Lego Park

Step 1: Thing You'll Need

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22 one by two bricks
8 four by two bricks
2 one by one bricks
5 one by four bricks
5 two by two bricks
2 one by four plates
4 two by six plates
6 two by four plates
1 one by three brick
1 four by four plate
1 six by six plate
4 chairs
Green base

Step 2: Connect the Bases

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Step 3: The River

Picture of The River

Step 4: The Playground

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Step 5: Plants

Picture of Plants

Step 6: Animals

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hootlet (author)2014-08-26


gymno pro (author)2014-07-16

Cool, I like making outside play places also!!

Looks like a fun park for those little LEGO people!

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