Lego Payday 2 Thermal Vault Drill



Introduction: Lego Payday 2 Thermal Vault Drill

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Step 1: Building Parts

This is just a simple instructable, no cut Legos or special modifications.

These are the parts needed to get the exact result

Step 2: The Builderific Method

Follow the above steps to properly recreate the instructable. Or don't to be a clueless man with a bunch of scattered parts.

Step 3: The Final Product

This will be the end result if you correctly followed the pictures. Now you can take those bank safes and crack'em open with ease. This may not be an exact replica of the payday 2 version, but that is where I got the inspiration from.

So this is it guys. Be sure to favorite if you liked it, and follow for more. Feel free to leave a suggestion in the comments for me to attempt to make. If yours is chosen, then I will include your name in the title for credit. That's all for now people. BUILD ON!



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