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This is my lego pelican.  Its based on the pelican from halo but i changed the shape and added a few mods of my own like hidden weapons etc....  Anyway its pretty dusty because its been sitting on my shelf for a couple weeks.  Hope you like  it, comment if you do.


Denger (author)2012-08-24

The slide show is cool as is your design; one thing that might help would be addition of a step-by-step building process, and some text which could indicate sources for the LEGO and non-LEGO pieces.

Thanks for the 'able!


jaberwaukee (author)Denger2013-11-14

Hey, sorry for the really long wait, i haven't been on ibls in ages. Anyways, ill try to take it apart and make instructions if i find the time. glad you like though. Thanks :)

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