Picture of Lego Pendant
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This will show you how to make a cool pendant out of legos.

It pretty much only involves side coupling bricks attached in a cool way.
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Step 1: The pieces

Picture of The pieces
Here are the pieces needed.

For this instructable I'm using an "Earthen colors" look, but you can use any colors you want.  (see last step for more ideas.)

Step 2: Making the squares

Picture of Making the squares
First you'll need to make four small squares like this. (see images)

Step 3:

Picture of
Picture 13.jpg
Picture 15.jpg
Picture 28.jpg
Once you've made the four smaller squares combine them into a bigger square. (see images)

Step 4: The Border.

Picture of The Border.
Picture 18.jpg
Now get the 1x4s and attach them to the sides of the square as shown.

Step 5: The chain

Picture of The chain
Get the five chains and link them together end to end.

Step 6: Attaching the chain

Picture of Attaching the chain
Picture 21.jpg
Now attach the chain to the square at two meeting corners.

Step 7: Done!

Now your done!

But don't stop here, you can use this building method for tons of things!  Check out the pictures for ideas!
This is real cool. Makes me think of Lost in Space. :)
iproberry13 years ago
really cool! Totaly voting!
monsterlego (author)  iproberry13 years ago
Great! thanks!
again...i still don't know how to add stuff to guides...
monsterlego (author)  iproberry13 years ago
I said exactly what you have to do, did you start a guide?
yes...but when i scrool down on a instructable it dosent have that button anywhere under the sidebar!!!! or in...or beside
monsterlego (author)  iproberry13 years ago
Under the list of guides on the side.
nope...mabey that's because your PRO member?
on you comp. does the button appear beside the MORE GUIDES button?
monsterlego (author)  iproberry13 years ago
Yeah that's it.
wht do you mean...this is where the button is?
monsterlego (author)  iproberry13 years ago
Yeah right above the More guides button.
ok il try to get pro...it's like 1 dollar a month right?
the email you sent me...please be more specific...thank you
monsterlego (author)  iproberry13 years ago
OK i figured it out, got to


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monsterlego (author)  iproberry13 years ago
Above it.
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Hmmm... maybe.
here is what it says directly under all the guides on the sidebar on the right:
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i think its fasionable and cool. thanks a lot, i made it for my cousin and he loved it, thanks Mr. monsterlego
monsterlego (author)  Welsh is best3 years ago
Thanks! I'm glad he liked it!
onrust3 years ago
Lego bling .....you are hardcore!
monsterlego (author)  onrust3 years ago
Totally. :)
Looks great!
monsterlego (author)  PotatoCoffee3 years ago
Thank you!