Introduction: Lego Picnic

This is a video me and some of my friends made for the Lego contest. PLEASE VOTEEEE

This shows you how to create: picnic table, table, basket, water can, farm, tree and many more

we hope you like it.

Special thanks to Daniel Solomou and Alex

Step 1: VIDEO


gzeipekkis (author)2014-07-25

Well done. Impressive !

Robot59514 (author)2014-07-24

Did some of those come from the lego Christmas advent calendar?

michael123d (author)Robot595142014-07-24

Yes, but we didnt buy the advent calendar we just saw it and built it by ourselves

LegoHalo5 (author)2014-07-24

Your right Robot59514

Nice job! I love the stop-motion film!

Thank You, took me hours

I can tell! You did an amazing job!

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