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Introduction: Lego Pistol

This gun is basically mydifferentusername's design, except for 2 things: the color, and the fact that hammer doesn't go down when the slide is pulled back.

Step 1: Magazine

The magazine has some holes in it not because I didn't have enough Legos.

Step 2: Slide

When you back the slide of the gun, it will reveal the barrel.

Step 3: Slide Lock

Unfortunately, I didn't have enough room for a slide lock, so the slide lock isn't pointer finger.

Step 4: Extra

The muzzle can be taken off to add something like a suppressor.

Step 5: How U Do It?

If you want to build this gun, I suggest that you start with the handle, then the bottom of the slide, and then, the slide, then the mag. Part of the slide you want to make the shell ejection port. Make it by the handle, but not exactly over it.

Step 6:



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this is incredible!!!! my brothers think you are amazing I wish I knew how to build with legos like that!!!!

wow this gun looks good but one thing : how do u make it :0

I think anyone could build this gun. People here are pretty smart

nice job but you think that we could just look at a picture and build it no

Autocorrect. The slide lock is my pointed finger.