Picture of Lego Pocket Car
This instructable shows you how to make a fun little lego car that can fit in your pocket and do almost anything! You can modify it and even make it rc. but in this intstructable i just show you how to make it (not modified).

Step 1: Things you will need

Picture of Things you will need
- 4 small lego wheels
- 2 skinny black lego wheel holders
- 2 small 3/4 of an inch high square lego pieces
All shown in the picture below.
Ploopy22 days ago


How close is the body to the ground? It seems like its almost touching.

Monkey_Jasch3 months ago

Its kind of a dumb. And a little kiddish

Well, I DID make this instructable when I was 11, if that puts your ego at ease
hehehe awsome!


Thank you :D
jimmytvf5 years ago
i made this when i was six, but still liking it, to play in class to annoy friends or so, pretty useful
clairenoel (author)  jimmytvf3 years ago
Really? Cool!
Haha Very funny!!!!!!!!!
clairenoel (author)  homeplayer693 years ago
Hahaha! :)
popscott35 years ago
Very useful!
clairenoel (author)  popscott33 years ago
Awesome! Thanks!
thats cool
clairenoel (author)  Thejellybellyguy3 years ago
Thanks :)
jingo694 years ago
its okay 3*
clairenoel (author)  jingo694 years ago
Well i geuss your stuff is KINDA cool, but the pure simplicity that i aim for is what i think is better for everyone.
clairenoel (author)  clairenoel3 years ago
Im sorry about this comment, i was ten years old and i was such a jerk. Also pretty uneducated to make an instructable like this. Again, so sorry
its a nice thought!
infob3 years ago
Done. Clever. Thanks.
clairenoel (author)  infob3 years ago
No problem :)
i made one but it had headlights and had police lights.
clairenoel (author)  mind.the.gap3 years ago
That sounds really awesome!! :D
freeza363 years ago
this got over 3000 views? wow
Dumchicken4 years ago
i found this in knex