Lego Pocket-Sized Chess Set





Introduction: Lego Pocket-Sized Chess Set

This Lego chess set is so small it fits in the palm of my hand! It's a great travel game because the pieces won't fall off and there's even a storage drawer for when you're done playing. This lego chess set is made out of pieces that should be easy to find and doesn't take a long time to make. 

I designed the set using Lego Digital Designer. I had to change a few things since I didn't have the parts but the majority is the same. 

Step 1: The Base/Gameboard

Follow the pictures to build the base/gameboard. 

Step 2: The Drawer

Follow the pictures to build the storage drawer. 

Step 3: The Pieces

The rounded piece is an antenna with the black antenna part pulled off. You can experiment with how you want the pieces to make them easiest for you to identify. I didn't have enough pieces in one color so mine would be difficult to play with but you get the general idea. 

Step 4: Put It Together

Combine all the parts and you have yourself a pocket-sized LEGO chess set. Enjoy! 



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    Cool. Can you list all the parts you use to make this chess set?

    This is a great idea!

    I like how you managed to capture the details of the pieces using such small pieces. Great job!

    In a couple of days at the most i will scan the order list and show it to you guys

    Ive made it now. It looks awesome in real life.


    Im going to make it in about 5 days...

    I ordered all the pieces.


    Really awesome

    This is really cool!! Nice job!!