Legos are fun, but they miss real lights. Fortunately for us, Lego holes have nice dimensions, which fit nicely with standard LED dimensions (3mm or 5mm).

Here is a guide on how to light a Lego police truck for less than $5.

Step 1: Hardware Setup

You will need LEDs (very cheap), an old IDE ribbon cable, an old Camera battery, and a breakable tulip socket (also very cheap).

Break the IDE ribbon to form 2-wires cables. Also break the socket into 2-pins blocks. If you need to make the connector go through a Lego 5mm hole, also break the two pins individually.

Step 2: Soldering

With a soldering iron, you can now create cables with LEDs on one side and a male connector on the other side (don't forget to add a resistor on one of the pins). Mark the - wire with a black pen.

Then, create the battery connector and solder one or more female socket on each side. In my example I have one connector on the front and two on the rear (for a blinking roof light, still not functional). Again, mark the - connector with a black pen.

Step 3: Correctly Integrate in the Truck

My battery fits inside a 6x4 Lego block. This white Lego block will maintain the battery just at the right position !

Step 4: Enjoy !

Step 5: Re-use Your LEDs in Other Situations

Wires and LEDs can be reused in any other thing you build. For example, as lightning for a crane !

<p>This is an excellent idea. Thank you!</p>

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