Hey guys! Today I will be showing you how to build P-body and Atlas from Portal 2, in Lego. These builds are to scale, and not too difficult to make. Enjoy!

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Step 1: P-body

The pieces you will need to make this.
<p>Hey guys! Sorry if any of the picture quality is bad or some of the steps are unclear. Some of you may have noticed that this is my very first Instructable, and I hope to make more fun and easy instructions in the future!</p>
Why don't you just wait till the actual portal sets come out in November?
Because I knew that's when everybody would be uploading portal tutorials. I wanted to make sure mine got in, maybe even noticed, before then.
<p>Cool portal designs</p>
Thanks! I didn't want to use a lot of the usual designs, like how many people use white satellite dishes for Atlas' head. I didn't want to copy that. But anyways, thanks a bunch for the support!

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