Introduction: Lego Portal Turret 2.0

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Just like a turret but better

Step 1: The Pieces

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Some of these may be hard to find but this is the way it works good

Step 2:

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Get your multi Stud brick

Step 3:

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And place your red stud AT THE BOTTOM

Step 4:

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Take two 1x1 tiles with studs and place them on each side

Step 5:

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Next take a trash can lid and place it on top

Step 6:

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Take another and place it on the bottom

Step 7:

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Take a 1x2 jumper and place it on the back

Step 8:

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Take a motor cycle kick stand and put it on the bottom

Step 9:

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Take a antenna and put it on the jumper on back

Step 10:

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Take two mini figure hands and put them on the kick stand

Step 11:

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Ajust the antenna and feet...

Step 12:

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And your done but watch out it will hurt you


banana man123 (author)2013-08-12


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