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This is the second remote control Lego Power Functions vehicle that I have uploaded to Instructables. If you have not seen my first one(a tank), here is the link. Since this one uses large rubber tires instead of tracks, it is a lot faster and maneuverable. 

These are the Power Functions Items that you will need to build this project. If you are missing some of the items, you can buy them off of
- (2) Small Motors
- (1) Battery Box
- (1) IR Remote Control
- (1) IR Receiver

There are several sets that the large rubber tires come in. If you don't have them, I'm sure you can substitute them for smaller ones. The rest of the pieces can be found in most standard Lego Technic sets. 

This project will probably take about 15-30 minutes to make depending on how fast you can find your pieces in your collection of Legos.

Step 1: The Battery Pack

Picture of The Battery Pack

 Here, we will get the battery pack ready for the rest of the model.

1) Get out you battery pack. Note the orientation of the battery pack in the picture. This will be IMPORTANT later on.
2) Find four Hassenpins
3) Stick two of them onto the battery pack as shown.
4) Same for the other side. 

Step 2: Building the Mainframe

Picture of Building the Mainframe

In this step we will build the mainframe.

1) Insert two long black pins into a three length beam as shown.
2) Put one of the long black pins into the second hole of a 15 length beam.
3) Do the same with another beam.
4) Build another one.
5) Attach one of the structures to the battery pack as shown.
6) Do the the same with the other side. Be sure that you are sticking the Hassenpins through the correct holes on the beams.

Step 3: Completing the Mainframe

Picture of Completing the Mainframe

1) Insert two long black pins into a right angle Hassenpin.
2) Put a three length beam on the two pins as shown.
3) Put another right angle Hassenpin on top.
4) Build another one.
5) Attach the two structures to the model as shown.
6) Put two 15 length beams on the Hassenpins. 

Step 4: Adding the Motors and Tires

Picture of Adding the Motors and Tires

This is the fun step where we get to add motors and tires.

1) Start here.
2) Snap the motors onto the black pegs.
3) Get a 7 length rod,...
4) ...insert it all the way into the motor, and add a bushing.
5) Do the same for the other motor.
6) Add LARGE rubber tires onto the rods.

Step 5: Front Wheel

Picture of Front Wheel

There are ten pictures to this step so make sure to arrow over to see all of them.


For this one I wont narrate step by step; just build what is in the pictures.

Step 6: Attaching the Front Wheel

Picture of Attaching the Front Wheel

1) Put two, three length rods into the piece shown.
2) Put the piece onto the model as shown.
3&4) Do what is shown.
5) Attach the front wheel

Step 7: Receiver Support Structure

Picture of Receiver Support Structure

1) Add a 9 length beam.
2,3,&4) Hold it in place using black pins.

Step 8: Mounting the Receiver

Picture of Mounting the Receiver

1) Add a Hassenpin.
2) Add another Hassenpin.
3) Add a three length beam.
4) Add the receiver.

Step 9: FINAL Step- Wiring

Picture of FINAL Step- Wiring

1) Connect the receiver to the battery pack.
2&3) Connect the motors to the receiver.
4&5) You can use two, three length beams connected by two black pins to pin the wires back neatly.

Step 10: Troubleshooting

Picture of Troubleshooting

The remote doesn't work.

          Make sure that the battery pack is on and that the remote and the receiver are on the same channel.

The switches on the remote aren't controlling the right motors.

          Switch which motor is connected to what terminal on the receiver.

The wheels are going the wrong way.

          Fix this problem using the toggle switches on the remote.

I will answer any more questions that you post as comments. I am entering this into the Toy Challenge 2 so if you like it, please vote. Thanks!


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the computer no1 (author)2014-09-01

What do you mean the remote doesn't work

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could you do some more of this? that is what this website needs!

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Your great at these mechanized Lego stuff!
keep up the good work!

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