View the robot trailer video here or view the robots full video from my website in the robot section, source code also available in this section.

Having completed a simple Arduino based car within weeks it was time for another Arduino project.

After having discussed ideas with Paul and Rodney the two nutters it was chosen to go for a very ambitious Arduino based walking robot, similar to hexapods found in youtube but with less servos while still maintaining full control. The key criteria for this project was a fully functional robot wirelessly controlled capable of proportional forward reverse speeds and steering.

In the initial stages Rodney, Paul and I discussed the code to operate a single servo 0-180, the various mechanical ideas behind making the leg walk were discussed over many weeks, and parts to use: 9G servos, lego technic for the chassis and legs.

The circuitboard shown is a DFRobot V5.0 expansion board which is plugged ontop of an Arduino Uno R3. In addition a 4x AA battery pack which was upgraded in later builds. Throughout the course of the prototype the battery pack and the circuitboard are held on by elastic bands. The servo and chassis have been fixed to each other by hot glue gun.

To date I have tested Tower Pro & Turnigy servos I find Turnigy servos to be quite durable and fairly priced.

Step 1: Variations on a Theme

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