Introduction: Lego Radar Dish

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Today you will be learning how to make a lego radar dish. Just can be used in stop motions as a prop or can be placed on the bottom of a ship.

Step 1: What You Need

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You will need
- two thin 4x10
- 8x2 thin
- Dish piece
- Round 2 thick 2x2
- Flag pole
- Clear 2x1 tube
- Spinny thing
- Hinge
- thin 2x10
- A brick that can be used as a stand
- 3 long brick with a 2 long slant

Step 2: Base

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Place the two 4x10 pieces next to each other and connect them down the middle with a 2x10

Step 3: Spinner

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Ad the spinner in 3 studs from where you want the from to be.

Step 4: Radar Dish

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Place the round 2x2 into the centre. Then stick the flagpole in the hole and put the clear tube on the end

Step 5: Radar Dish Stand

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Add the 2x8 to the back and then put the hinge price on the stud side so the dish bends backwards.

Step 6: Finishing Off

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Add the slant piece to the spiny bit and put the hinge 2 studs in from the slant

Step 7: Extra Looks

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If you have a long piece you can use it as a stand to keep the dish on a angle


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