Step 2:

<p>I FINALLY got all the pieces in from Bricklink (great site!!!) But, need to figure it out for the RPi 2. It is a definitely a tight fit with the A model.</p>
<p>hello darrennie, any motivation to create another tutorial for raspberry pi B+??</p>
<p>@skip_pi, @darrennie:</p><p>I've been thinking about designing a case for the model B+, but with the B+, all of the many ports are so close together; that complicates things a bit. However, there is a nice Kickstarter project that was just successfully funded; it's called the Smarti-Pi Case. It is a nice case, which is compatible with LEGO. Check out the site:</p><p><a href="http://www.smarticase.com/" rel="nofollow">http://www.smarticase.com/</a></p><p>Go to the site, scroll down and check out its features. I already pre-ordered two of them. With its low cost and functionality, I'm thinking that it'd be tough to make something as good and cost-efficient out of LEGO alone. What do you guys think?</p>
Wow that is a project I would have backed had I known about it. I got so tired of KS telling me about total crap projects that I cancelled their e-mails. I guess when I get a B+ I can look at buying the smarticase. Thanks for the link and feel free to post about the smarticase when you get it.​
<p>There is a Kickstarter going on right now that makes building a LEGO case even easier. <a href="http://kck.st/1Ipdivq" rel="nofollow">http://kck.st/1Ipdivq</a></p>
<p> We are the creators of the LEGO compatible SmartiPi. It is now available at smarticase.com</p>
<p>hi zriel, great initiative. </p><p>My honest opinion:</p><p>- now that I know bricklinks, the overall cost of a case is less than 7 gbp that's 11.30 usd all in all. The smarticase at 18 usd wouldn't make a huge difference indeed for the cost ... however </p><p>- as i'm conscious about the planet i prefer recycling &quot;unused&quot; legos from bricklinks</p><p>- and most importantly i love assembling legos (yes i still :)</p><p>hope it makes sense.</p><p>marc</p>
Not at the moment skip_py, I am on a waiting list to buy the B+ so maybe after Christmas.
<p>My 8 year old son got a Raspberry Pi for Christmas from his cousin in France. I am going to put him to work on the lego case right away. Thanks for the tips!</p>
<p>Your more than welcome, enjoy the Rasp Pi.</p>
<p>Made this but slightly modified for my B+. Good tutorial.</p>
<p>Hi <a href="https://www.instructables.com/member/darrennie/" rel="nofollow">darrennie</a>,</p><p>Really nice build and fits RP Model B just nice from adapting your build I made my own RP case on LDD (image below) but if it weren't for this amazing guide I wouldn't have done it-or even thought about it! </p><p>Well Done :-) !!!</p>
<p>Thanks Bomber783, it's really cool that so many people are taking my design and mod the crap out of it. I give ALL credit to Instructables and some phenomenal projects that set the bar very high.</p>
<p>By the way really nice dog iv'e got a dog too :-) (Thats my sister with her)</p>
<p>My sister would not pose with Sprocket so I used my niece instead.</p>
<p>Thank you very much for your work on this. I have made 10 enclosures, using your instructions. However, I have modified the roof. Instead, the roof is connected to a hinge, so that it opens (for GPIO access, etc...).</p>
<p>Here are some instructions for adding my modified hinged roof, if you'd rather not use the round corner plates. Follow darrennie's instructions through &quot;<strong>Step 5: Header</strong>.&quot;</p><p><br>(I) You need the following parts for this hinged roof:<br>4 -- 1x2 Plate Modified w/ Clip on Top - #92280<br>4 -- 1x2 Plate Modified w/ Handle on End (Closed Ends) - #60478<br>2 -- 1x1 Tile - #3070/3070b<br>1 -- 1x4 Tile - #2431<br>3 -- 1x8 Tile - #4162<br>1 -- 1x8 Plate - #3460<br>1 -- 2x10 Plate - #3832<br>3 -- 4x8 Plate - #3035<br>1 -- 4x10 Plate - #3030 (<em>or you can use two 2x10 Plates</em>)</p><p>(II) Place the Tiles and the 2x10 Plate on top of the &quot;Header,&quot; as shown in the first attached picture (according to the point-of-view indicated). <em>Notice that one of the two columns of the the 2x10 Plate will hang over the edge of the case.</em></p><p>(III) Place the 1x2 Plates with Clip on the 2x10 Plate from step (II) above, as shown in the second attached picture.</p><p>(IV) Now for the very top: on a flat surface, line up the three 4x8 Plates with the 1x8 Plate, as shown in the third attached picture.</p><p>(V) Attach the 4x10 Plate, as well as the 1x2 Plates with Handles, to those plates from step (IV) above, as shown in the fourth attached picture.</p><p>(VI) Now attach the handles to the clips, and you've got yourself a hinged roof! </p>
<p>Thanks so much @zriel for posting your mods, and sorry for the delay in replying.</p><p>I tried to figure out a retractable roof when I was doing mine but the lego was getting thin and I had other projects on the go. Yet another example of cool Instructables really is.</p>
<p>Very good write up. I just found your post after throwing together my first pi lego case. I'm sure there will be more to come. </p>
rfair404, thanks for the comment. Nice job on your case as well.
<p>Thanks for your instructable. Just won a Rasperberry Pi and not sure what I want to do with it, but used your idea to make a case. It's amazing what you can find Ina big box of kids' Legos! Mine isn't as pretty as yours but functional, and hey, mine has a cool hood ornament. :)</p>
<p>Nicely done. I wouldn't say mine was pretty in anyway and definitely doesn't have a cool hood ornament (now you got me looking for one). There is tons and tons of info online if you are stuck on what to do with your Raspberry Pi. Good luck.</p>
Ordered my parts from Lego.com and received them today (I'd probably use brick link another time). Assembled in no time with these instructions and it fits a Model B perfectly. Thanks so much!
Nice to hear. Did you improvise your roof or use the plans. Looks good.
(p.s. had to improvise for lack of clear blocks, 2 brick tall doors and some of the roof parts but it made no structural difference) Cheers
That's the beauty of Brinklink, you can find bricks that Lego no longer sells.
Looks great !
I did it! and without ordering ANY piece
It's not so much the instructable as it that dog, I love that dog, as an animal lover you can just see the love for people in that dogs eye's.
Sprocket is a very good supervisor, his attention to inspecting and double checking things is remarkable. ;) In fact without his help I would have never finished either of my ibles.
Thanks to jaskamakkara I have reposted the links for the LegoDD files as far away from Minus as I could find. So hopefully no more problems. Thanks again.
Great stuff, thanks darrennie :) <br> <br>Really looking forward to trying this one for myself!
Hope you enjoy.
New link for the LegoDD .lxf files.
Hi Darrennie, love this project! I am having some trouble downloading the .lxf files, however. When I click the download link I instead get redirected to the minus homepage....Are the links broken? Thanks for any help :)
I will repost the links from somewhere else, I don't know why Minus does this now. I have noticed MANY times when trying to download from other peoples pages that it does this. Hopefully they are aware of this.
oh ... i forgot to mention i looked everywhere on bricklinks and couldn't find a Clear 2x2 Flat Plate #3068 :(
Ya they were hard for me as well. I eventually found a really good store in the Czech Republic called Brick-Mania, they are usually in the featured store section. Lots of hard to get pieces and colours and well priced with great shipping rates (at least I thought so). Funny I went through all the pieces many times and everything seemed to be in order, so I will have a look. Thanks for the pointers.
Darrenie, <br> <br>A bit of feedback of having finished ordering the pieces and assembling the case ;) which looks and feels great btw <br> <br>- About 30357 used in step 6 and 7 - mention the two different colors at step 1 <br>- Also in step 7, would be good to make it clear there is only a need of 2 x 30357 at this step (it looks like it is 4) <br>- I confirm that 3069 is useless <br>- 3068 is mandatory, makes a real difference in stabilising RP inside the box <br>- would be great to mention at which step the RP + 3068 is supposed to be inserted in the box (so maybe step 4) <br>- about 3035 - i only count 3 necessary although 7 are asked for in step 1 <br> <br>thanks again for sharing this idea
This is great! I've seen a LEGO Pi case before, but this was much better put together and your addition of doors for the various ports was a nice touch. :-)
Thanks WingDings, glad you like it. You should be aware if you are buying lego pieces that the parts list was updated today due to something I forgot to include (4 &ndash; 4x6 Plates #3032, Thanks again to skip_py). <br> <br>
Followed the instructions ... however i was a bit disappointed when i realise that Step 1 didn't include the 4 plates 4x6 #3032 that are needed in Step 2. Now have to process a new order... <br> <br>Would also be nice to add to step 1 those 2 optional parts you mention in Step 7. <br> <br>Anyway, thanks for this tutorial!
Thanks for pointing that out skip_py, sorry for the error.
Do you have a combined parts list? Is there any way to put together a shopping list on BrickLink so someone could put that in their Wanted listing so the whole &quot;kit&quot; could be bought at once? <br> <br>By the way this looks awesome! Well done.
leevick, I added the parts list to the Instructions for you. As for the Bricklink Wants list, I don't think you can do it that way. I think only complete Lego kits can be bought that way. I ended up shopping from 2-3 places I use all the time that covered the list. <br>Hope this helps. 8D <br> I can recommend a couple of Brinklink stores if you want.
This is really cool. I too have made my own cover for my Rasberry pi.
Thanks, it's more of a beta version at the moment as I am seeing some really cool ideas around that keep me modifying it. You should post some pics of yours.<br>8D

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