Step 3: The Base

Picture of The Base
Level 2 - Base 2.png
Lego Raspberry Pi Case.
(All Parts Black unless noted).
Update: I have changed the LDD files to another site as Minus is not cooperating.
Lego Digital Design .lxf file of the project and 4 other Cases I was working on. Stored on uploaded.net.

I have colour coded the parts that are being used in each Level,
they will be changed to the cases final colour (mostly Black) as the build progresses.
Each Level builds on the Previous Level. 
Sorry for the Black backgrounds in the pictures, they were grey until I uploaded to my library. 

Level 1: Base       Lego Part # (if you are looking on Bricklink they come in VERY handy.
3 -  4x8 Plates       #3035
3 – 1x4 Plates       #3710
1 – 1x8 Plate         #3460
1 -  1x1 Plate         #3024

Level 2: Base 2
4 – 4x6 Plates       #3032
2 – 1x4 Plates       #3710
1 – 1x12 Plate       #60479
1 – 1x1 Plate         #3024

darrennie (author) 1 year ago
New link for the LegoDD .lxf files.