Step 4: The Footers

Picture of The Footers
Level 4 - Footer 2.png
The Footer was originally so the RaspPi board had enough clearance for cord endings on the HDMI and Audio/Video area. I originally had different coloured small round nub pieces that sat under each plug, but when I lowered the board they just interfered. On the Ethernet plug I have found that it is VERY hard to get a cat 5 plug out if it has one of those covered ends. The kind that has sort of a rubber/silicone holder instead of just a bare plug. I have considered removing part of the Footer below it ( a 1x2 sized area) but I just cut of the rubber cover instead. 

Level 3: Footer
3 - 1x8 Plates       #3460
1 – 1x4 Plate        #3710
4 – 1x2 Plates      #3023
Ignore the 1x3 Plate in the image for Level 3 please.

Level 4: Footer 2
2 - 1x8 Plates      #3460
1 - 1x4 Plate        #3710
2 - 1x3 Plates      #3623
2 - 1x2 Plates      #3023
1 - 1x1 Plate        #3024