Step 7: The Roof

Picture of The Roof
Level 9 - Roof Trim.png
Because of the odd 9x13 layout I was not sure how to close up the case. I wanted to put in a fan... just in case, and that's when I switched to the Technic Bricks with their holes. I also considered hinges and trap doors but it all did not work. When I found the round corners I knew I had a roof, I loved the roundness of it. I also had round corners in the Technic wall level but it interfered with the Board fitting, which sucked as I again liked the roundness of it. The Roof back corner above the GPIO is easily removable and there is lots of room (I hope) in the back for a header to come out obove the SD card.

Level 8: Roof
2 – 1x4 Plates                   #3710
2 – 6x6 Plates w/ Bow     #6003
2 – 3x3 Plates, ¼ Circle  #30357

Level 9: Roof Trim
2 – 6x6 Plates w/ Bow      #6003
6 – 3x3 Plates, ¼ Circle   #30357 4 Dark Blue, 2 Black