Lego Red Dot Sight [Functional]





Introduction: Lego Red Dot Sight [Functional]

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Plastic sights on your Lego gun can be pretty lame huh? But with this simple, realistic, and easy-to-build red dot sight, you can add some more realism to your gun!

So I wanted to make a sight but I didn't want to do it the convention way of using a windbreaker screen for the glass part and then drawing a dot with a red shapie or something. So I thought of using a clear disc inside a tire with a red part for the dot instead. And this is the outcome! Hope you enjoy building and tell me what you think!

Step 1: General Assembely

Stick to the image notes and you should be ok.



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    Looks great, do you know if you can attach it to a Knex gun?

    This is very good quality. Probably is better then any of the other lego red dot sights on the site.

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    Thanks! I was thinking about making other types of optic sights!

    Glad you like it!


    Glad you like it!