Working Lego Technic Revolver





Introduction: Working Lego Technic Revolver

A working LEGO revolver, with full instructions.

Step 1: Handle

Step 2: Barrel

Step 3: Connect Them

For loading, put the ammo (Part No. 5003235-1) down the barrel, rotate the cylinder to seat the ammunition in place, repeat until the cylinder is full.

If anything is unclear post in the comments and I'll try to clear it up.

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Wow! This is cool! I've always wanted to make something like this!

Hey BrickSmith, I have a problem. On all of the devices that I tried to get the instructions for this cool lego gun, the show more items button never pops up and I have tried 5 devices now! can you just send me the pdf file for this or something because I'm really confused on what is happening


Cal Krebs

the show all items button isn't working for me :'(


I made this thing and its awesome! i love it!

Does the turret turn by it self or do you have to manually turn it?

The gear on the firing system is not be held in place when I'm trying to shoot. The arm from the trigger is not holding it in place it keeps slipping.

The "Technic, Axle 4 with Stop" (Part
No. 87083
) piece should solve the problem or you could use a rubber band that isn't quite as strong to connect the hammer to the rear of the barrel. I hope this helps, if you any other issues just ask and I'll try to get back to you with a solution.