Lego Classic Rifle Gun


Introduction: Lego Classic Rifle Gun

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Hello guys! Today I will show you how to build a lego rifle, it's much easier compare to my Lego Iron Man helmet(If you haven't, check it out.) Let's begin!

Step 1: Step 1 : We Start!

Here are the material lists, you will need a lego missle launcher, you can find it in many sets.

Step 2: Step :2 the Stock

My friend!, you are almost done!

All you need to do is add a stock, it could attach bullets!

The last one is the rifle holder.

Step 3: Step3: End!

Thank you guys for reading my instructable, i will make more pretty soon

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    Great job but u should have a hinge spot on the side to make loading easy

    1 reply

    This looks great and thanks for following me!

    ok sorry for the trouble I will give you a like since I know you did not coppy me.

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