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Introduction: Lego Robot Minifigure Costume

This is a costume I made for my 4 year old son. It's mainly made from cardboard and foam.



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    I made a batman one for myself a few years back, getting dimensions is the worst because everyone's body is different, you really just have to cut pieces and try to see what works best. Hot glue, lots of tape, poster board, cardboard (slip sheets are great if you find a place that gets inventory in pallets, they'll usually have a large uncut piece of cardboard laid on top.) For the styrofoam i learned the hard way, not to buy that at michaels, you end up with overpriced craft foam used for christmas wreaths. instead, go to homedepot or lowes and buy styrofoam insulation, it comes in packs of like 4 sheets and they're good size, then you cut your rings out of that. the shoes were the worst part for myself and they didn't survive the night the way mine were done.

    My nine year old son WANTS to be the Robot Lego. I would like to buy one as well. My email is If you can't, would you let me know that as well. i will pay 50 bucks

    can I buy this from you or can I pay you to make me 2?

    There's nothing about this that is an "instructable." There are no instructions, materials, dimensions or anything.

    This is awesome but wheres the instructable?

    Dude this is as sweet as it gets